About Us

Pacific Biomedical has been providing Durable Medical Equipment (DME) products to patients in the home since 2007 serving over 18,000 Arizona patients. Our experience and focus are delivering therapeutic modalities to patients for their in-home recovery after surgery. We serve all of Greater Phoenix, helping patients all over the valley recover after surgery with our in-home therapy systems.

What Sets Us Apart

We Take Pride In What We Do

Our ownership group takes great pride in the team we have in place to work with you and we understand that we must innovate every day to provide our team with the training, skills, processes, and support required to allow them to utilize their unique talents and experience. You will not find a more dedicated team in Phoenix to help you with your post-surgery recovery.

Consistent ownership has created an environment where team members feel empowered to deliver extraordinary care and they understand their best talents are well represented in their work with Pacific Biomedical. That feeling of ownership drives long term retention and a depth of experience that is second to none among DME providers in the state of Arizona. The individuals you interact with are supported by strong processes, focused on continuous improvement, and take tremendous pride in helping you.

We Are Here To Help

Pacific Biomedical is the ideal partner for your healthcare organization and you will benefit from our experience and responsiveness to the needs of your team members and the patients and families you serve.

For more information on how to partner with Pacific Biomedical please reach out to our Chief Operating Officer directly at cassie@pacbiomedical.com