Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)

CPM is a technique in which a joint, usually the knee, is moved constantly through a variable range of motion to prevent stiffness and to increase the range of motion; most often accomplished using a motorized device specifically designed to relieve pain after surgery or injury to major joints of upper and lower extremities. Recover from home with Pacific Biomedical’s CPM device.


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Recovery After Knee Surgery or Injury from Home with the CPM Device.

What is Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)

CPM is a treatment method designed to aid recovery after joint surgery. After extensive joint surgery, attempts at joint motion can cause pain and as a result, the patient fails to move the joint. This allows the tissue around the joints to become stiff and for scar tissue to form resulting in a joint that has a limited range of motion and often may take months of physical therapy to recover that motion.

Passive range of motion moves the joint without the patient’s muscles being used. Continuous Passive Motion devices are motorized machines that have been developed for patient use after surgery.

Recover from home safely and quicker when using CPM as suggested by your doctor.

How CPM Works

The Continuous Passive Motion device is used on an inpatient and outpatient basis. This motorized device helps to gradually move the joint as it heals from surgery or injury. This device can accelerate recovery time by decreasing soft tissue stiffness, increasing range of motion, promoting healing of joint surfaces and soft tissue, and preventing the development of motion-limiting adhesions.


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