NMES - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator

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NMES, Neuromuscular-Electrical-Stimulator, has received increasing attention in the last few years because it has so many useful functions. It is effective for a partially or totally immobilized patient as a rehabilitation and preventive tool by causing muscle contraction using electric impulses.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation mimics the central nervous system causing the muscles to contract as they would naturally. The impulses are generated by a device such as an NMES unit and delivered through electrodes on the skin. These electrodes are placed on the muscle that needs stimulation.

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What Does NMES Do?

NMES uses electric muscle stimulation, also known as EMS, to cause stimulation within the muscle tissue. The NMES is a natural modality used to retrain muscles and improve muscular strength after injury or surgery. This device is designed to mimic the same type of signal that the brain sends to the muscle when moving. Because there are two types of muscle fiber, slow twitch, and fast-twitch, the NMES device has different settings to target the different muscle fibers.


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