Recovery+ Cold Compression Therapy

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Have you gotten hurt after a sports activity? Have you undergone a surgery and looking for options for pain relief and faster healing?

What is Cold Compression Therapy

Cold compression therapy using our in-home therapy device combines very cold temperatures with static or dynamic compression to help reduce pain and swelling in various injuries. If you have a sprain, tear, strain, and any injury that causes swelling and inflammation, cold compression therapy may help. The cold temperatures temporarily restrict blood flow to the injured area by narrowing the blood vessels, while the compression component reduces swelling by pumping built-up fluids away from the injured site.

Recovery+ Cold Compression Therapy - Recover at home!

RECOVERY+ Cold Compression Therapy Device

A number of products that provide cold compression therapy are available in the market. They range from simple equipment that uses ice for cold compression and require freezing the ice 2 hours before application. These can be temperamental and are sometimes difficult to monitor the temperature to more advanced equipment that does not use ice and is electrically manipulated and with easy-to-use multi-treatment modalities. We can rent or sell you these more advanced cold compression therapy machines, which are more effective and much easier to use.

You can choose from the various options available depending on your needs. Above all, cold compression therapy can turn out to be a wonderful treatment option, that can give you complete pain relief without any side effects, unlike pain medications.


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